Ever wonder how some people can produce a fabulous meal from what appears to be an empty pantry and barren refrigerator?  Envy the cook who can whip up a simple entrée in minutes?

Their secret is not years of study at culinary school nor a photographic memory for recipes.  Their “gift” is an understanding of cooking basics.   Any one can learn these basics.  They are not difficult, mysterious or complicated.

All cuisines have characteristic ingredients that set them apart from foods from other parts of the world.  Yet all share some common elements.  Understanding the basics allows you to take almost any ingredients and build a delicious and healthy meal. 

Bride’s Basics teaches common techniques and skills that are the backbone of good cooking.  You will learn the difference between various cooking techniques and why to use one over another.  You will become familiar with classic ingredients and learn how to mix them in proportions that create meals that are both nutritious and delicious. 

Our courses include The Basics, Baking Basics, our Regional series and Table Settings & Centerpieces.  Join us for the fun of learning.....and the pleasure of eating the class products!
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